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Welcome to the instructions for the AVsitter™ pose system, as available in Second Life®.

The AVsitter scripts are available here on GitHub and licensed under the Mozilla Public License, Version 2.0.

The AVsitter Documentation covers the following topics:

The AVsitter scripts can be freely obtained from the GitHub repository; however if you would like to receive packaged versions of the latest release, and receive in-world updates of future releases, visit SL Marketplace or Kitely Market.

Proceeds are shared with open-source contributors and will help support continued development of AVsitter. Those who purchased AVsitter in the past will continue to receive in-world updates without needing to purchase it again.

Latest News

2.2-03 Released

This AVsitter release adds a new option to the ONSIT RLV command, to respect automatic sitter asignment. It allows also to create empty BUTTONs, specify position and rotation in one go in AVpos-shifter, and use the same LockGuard setting for all poses. Apart from that, a bit more memory should...

2.2-02: OpenSim first release

This new release includes core support for OpenSim. Plugins will be supported at a later time. Besides this, we’ve added several other features: Automatically clean up rezzed props when the object is deleted. Add Noob-detector to the utilities. Include release building files and a Release building guide. Main...

settings.php available

Given the interest that some people have shown in the settings.php script (the one that shows the dumps in the web), this script has been made publicly available in GitHub. We do not provide support for this script, so it’s up to the user to correctly install and...

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