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Updates in Second Life

If you have purchased AVsitter in Second Life, please collect the latest package by visiting our location in Second Life and click the update giver on the table. The latest packaged release is also sent when you rez the AVsitter package in Second Life.

Updates in OpenSim

If you have purchased AVsitter from Kitely Market, updates can be collected by visiting AVsitter sandbox region in Kitely and clicking on the update giver in the center of the sim.

Notes about updates

Release history

AVsitter2, box 2.2-01 - 10 Aug 2017

AVsitter2, box 2.2 - 31 Jul 2017

  • Scripts have been made full-perm in this latest release. For details click here.

AVsitter2, box 2.1-14.04 - 20 Apr 2017

  • [AV]adjuster, [AV]prop - pose and prop position data always appears in chat when clicking [SAVE] (removed the /5 info option from chat commands).

AVsitter2, box 2.1-14.03 - 15 Apr 2017

  • [AV]sitB - changes to [BACK] button. Should allow duplicate TOMENU leading to the same submenu while keeping back button reliable for at least one level.

AVsitter2, box 2.1-14 - 24 Dec 2016

  • [AV]sitA - added 90004, a variant of 90005 that brings up the top level of the menu.
  • [AV]sitA - added DFLT 0 - don’t revert to the default pose when all avatars stand (unless the last pose was a SYNC pose).
  • [AV]sitB - ability to control which submenus have [ADJUST] and [SWAP] buttons (info).
  • [AV]sitB - added MTYPE 4. Same as MTYPE 3, except the menu does not automatically return when a pose is selected.
  • [AV]faces - re-use defined faces ANIM line by referring to another faces ANIM line e.g. ANIM pose2|pose1 (see example)
  • [AV]camera - camera script presets can be selected by BUTTON (info). Missing-anim-finder script - gives the option to delete animations that are not used from the prim inventory.

AVsitter2, box 2.1-12 - 22 Apr 2016

  • [AV]sitB - sends link message 90051 when a submenu is chosen (info).
  • [AV]sitB - link message 90005 can now be used to bring up a specific submenu (info).
  • [AV]sitB - options for the MENU command to override AMENU or SWAP settings for a specific submenu (info).
  • [AV]sitA - 90045 now includes IS_SYNC and updated Autoplay example script (info).

AVsitter2, box 2.1-11 - 20 Jan 2016

  • [AV]sitA, [AV]sitB, [AV]select, [AV]adjuster, [AV]prop, [AV]faces, [AV]sequence, [AV]root-security, [AV]root-control, [AV]root-rlv - modification to BUTTON and 90005 for when an avatar is controlling another avatar’s menu with AVcontrol. (info).
  • [AV]adjuster, [AV]sitA, [AV]sitB - the owner can rez the helpers while controlling another avatar (info).
  • [AV]sitA - guests can rez the helpers if the word HELPER is anywhere in the root prim name (info).
  • [AV]root-security - security menu now has separate options for both “Sit” and “Menu” access (info).
  • [AV]menu - now only gives [NEW] and [DUMP] options if the prim is MODIFY-OK.
  • [AV]sequence - only pre-load sounds when there is a WAIT >= 2 seconds above the SOUND line.
  • [AV]object ~ does not change click action of a rezzed prop if there’s [AV]sitA inside (i.e. if rezzing furniture as a prop).

AVsitter2, box 2.1-10 - 07 Nov 2015

  • Several changes to AVcontrol plugin including the following updates to the AVcontrol instructions:
    • Added ONRELEASE and ONSIT ASKONLY options.
    • Default is now to unsit RLV captives when released (if you don’t want this see info for ONRELEASE).
    • If a Dom is sitting, then non-sitting avatars can’t control the menu even if furniture is ‘unlocked’.
    • SWAP now enabled by default unless using ONSIT ASK or ONSIT ASKONLY.
    • Added new AVcontrol examples.
    • Updated scripts include: [AV]sitA, [AV]sitB, [AV]root-security, [AV]root-control, [AV]root-RLV, [AV]root-RLV-extra
  • [AV]sequence - only stops sounds if the last played sequence includes sounds (for compatability with other sound scripts).
  • [AV]camera - added [AV]camera script to the Utilities box.

AVsitter2, box 2.1-09 - 12 Oct 2015

  • [AV]sitA & [AV]sitB - auto seat and pose assignment now prefers non-assigned seat to that assigned to opposite gender.
  • [AV]sitA - added LROT to make XYZ positioning buttons work relative to rotation of the root prim, instead of global.
  • [AV]sitA - adjustments to the KFM option to handle sync poses.
  • [AV]faces - now stops any custom overlay AVfaces animations when the main pose changes.
  • [AV]prop - added ability to send an integer in 90220 to specify a SITTER#.
  • [AV]menu - allow end-user owner to save new prop positions to script memory.

AVsitter2, box 2.1-08 - 12 Aug 2015

  • [AV]sitA & [AV]adjuster - in case they are not sitting, owner can type ‘/5 helper’ in chat to rez helpers for friend.
  • [AV]sitA - added KFM option if the object uses llSetKeyframedMotion().
  • [AV]sitB - with ETYPE 1, avatars will now remain in their pose when an unrelated pose is played in the prim.
  • [AV]Lockguard - now uses pose name (rather than prop name) when USES_PROPS = TRUE (latest version is 3.03a).

AVsitter2, box 2.1-07 - 17 Jul 2015

AVsitter2, box 2.1-06 - 04 Jul 2015

  • [AV]object - added support for Experience Keys. Props will attach automatically, if the correct Experience is allowed on the land and the props contain the latest [AV]object script (discussion here).

AVsitter2, box 2.1-05 - 24 Jun 2015

  • [AV]sitA & [AV]sitB & [AV]adjuster - added support for auto seat and pose assignment based on avatar’s shape gender.
  • [sitB] - added option to use %u in key field of BUTTON to insert sitter’s UUID (may be helpful for AVcontrol menus).
  • [AV]adjuster - fixed bug with settings dump to website.
  • Added AVprop script example Animated Attachment.

AVsitter2, box 2.1-04 - 12 Jun 2015

  • [AV]adjuster & [AV]helper - are now TRANSFER-OK and can (optionally) be left in the furniture, allowing the next owner to [SAVE] the default pose positions (although they will not have access to [DUMP] or [NEW] unless they are an AVsitter2 owner - see q&a).
  • [AV]sitA - personal pose adjustments can still be made while the [AV]adjuster & [AV]helper are in the furniture.

AVsitter2, box 2.1-03 - 25 Mar 2015

  • [AV]adjuster - after settings [DUMP], a web link is provided to settings.
  • [AV]sequence - added preloading of sounds & added Piano Example to the Examples [BOX].
  • [AV]menu - updated to support user-defined string and key in BUTTON command.

AVsitter2, box 2.1-02 - 12 Feb 2015

  • [AV]adjuster - type /5 info in chat while in helper mode and the position info will now appear in chat when you click [SAVE].
  • [AV]prop - added “remprop_” to de-rez props by BUTTON or link message. - [AV]Lockguard - fixed “too many listens” error when attaching Lockguard chains to props (latest version is 3.02a).

AVsitter2, box 2.1-01 - 07 Jan 2015

AVsitter2, box 2.1-00 - 30 Oct 2014

  • Added [AV]sequence script to the AVsitter Utilities [BOX] (replaces old scripted sequence method).
  • [AV]sitA & [AV]sitB - fixed helper issue preventing avatar from moving immediately when swapping to a sitter with no poses.
  • [AV]faces - holds facial expressions as integers within the script to improve memory use.

AVsitter2, box 2.0-15 - 17 Sep 2014

  • Added instructions for 90030 link message.
  • [AV]sitB - BUTTON command updated to allow user-defined string and key.
  • [AV]sitB - fixed bug sometimes preventing first menu item of 2nd page of animations being shown (since 2.0-14).
  • [AV]sitA & [AV]sitB & [AV]adjuster & [AV]helper - allows AVsitter1 style helpers by placing HELPER 1 at the top of the AVpos notecard.
  • [AV]Xcite! & [AV]Xcite_settings notecard - allows default settings for all poses by using a wildcard (*) in place of the pose name.

AVsitter2, box 2.0-14.4 - 04 Sep 2014

AVsitter2, box 2.0-14.3 - 20 Aug 2014

  • [AV]sitB - fixed bug with script listens.

AVsitter2, box 2.0-14.2 - 23 Jul 2014

  • [AV]sitB - fixed bug in 2.0-14 causing positions to be overwritten by new poses.

AVsitter2, box 2.0-14 - 22 Jul 2014

  • [AV]sitA & [AV]sitB - Support for variable speed animations (used by some animators).
  • [AV]adjuster - for more compact settings, [DUMP] rounds position to 1 millimeter & rotation to 1/10 degree.

AVsitter2, box 2.0-13 - 27 Jun 2014

  • Added script example Move a Prim.
  • [AV]sitA - added small pause between starting/stopping anims to avoid ‘bounce’ while new anim loads to viewer.
  • [AV]sitA - the 90045 link message now includes a list of all sitting avatars.
  • [AV]select - added SELECT 2 option.
  • [AV]menu - added MTYPE 3 command to [AV]menu script.
  • [AV]Lockguard - support for linking LockGuard chains to rings in props (instructions inside the [AV]Lockguard script).

AVsitter2, box 2.0-12 - 02 Jun 2014

  • [AV]sitA - end-user [ADJUST] menu now allows saving of a personal offset for all poses at once.
  • [AV]sitB - added link message 90050.
  • [AV]sitA & [AV]root-security - when using [AV]select with [AV]root-security, the select menu should now be the first menu as expected.

AVsitter2, box 2.0-11 - 20 May 2014

  • Added Missing-anim-finder script to Utilities [BOX].
  • [AV]sitA & [AV]adjuster - it is now possible to save prim camera settings.
  • [AV]sitA & [AV]sitB - when using MTYPE 3, menu can be accessed via link message 90005.
  • [AV]sitA & [AV]sitB & [AV]adjuster - added AMENU command.
  • [AV]sitA & [AV]sitB & [AV]adjuster - fix to include SELECT and ETYPE in settings dump.

AVsitter2, box 2.0-09 - 18 Mar 2014

  • [AV]adjuster - adding SYNC poses via menu now allows for 3+ avatars.
  • [AV]sitB - addition of SWAP 2 notecard command.
  • [AV]prop - props rezzed by [AV]prop in non-sit prim will remain when avatar stands up.
  • [AV]menu script - shortens selection menu text if too long for llDialog.
  • [AV]root-security - added GROUP ONLY menu access setting to AVcontrol plugin.
  • Updated [AV]prop Example#03 (table) in the Plugins Examples box to include rezzing prim in center.
  • Added MLP-converter to Utilities [BOX].

AVsitter2, box 2.0-08 - 05 Mar 2014

  • [AV]sitA & [AV]sitB- fixed issue with SWAP sending double 90045 link-messages for a SYNC pose.
  • [AV]prop & [AV]object - PROP1 attachment props should now de-rez properly when taken by a different avatar than they were rezzed for.

AVsitter2, box 2.0-07 - 24 Feb 2014

  • [AV]sitA - fixed bug causing script error if avatar’s AO uses llSetAnimationOverride().
  • [AV]sitA - link message 90045 now includes the SET #.
  • [AV]sitB - duplicate menu entries are no longer skipped.
  • [AV]sitA & [AV]sitB & [AV]adjuster - addition of ADJUST notecard command.
  • [AV]helper - You can now take a copy of the “helper” script from inside the [AV]helper and put into an object of your own customized shape.

AVsitter2, box 2.0-06 - 04 Feb 2014

  • [AV]sitA & [AV]adjuster - simplified default SitTargets: assigns avis to sitters in the order in which they sit (see SitTargets).

AVsitter2, box 2.0-05 - 31 Jan 2014

AVsitter2, box 2.0-04 - 29 Jan 2014

  • [AV]adjuster - shortens selection menu text if too long for llDialog.
  • [AV]adjuster - for more compact settings, [DUMP] rounds position to 1/10 millimeter & rotation to 1/100 degree.