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How to get AVsitter2

AVsitter2 can be freely obtained from GitHub and imported into Second Life by following our import guide.

Inside the AVsitter2 Package

The main AVsitter package contains:

  • [AV]sitA & [AV]sitB scripts

    The main scripts that must always be used in a pair (A+B), one pair for each avatar to sit. Each pair will define a SITTER.

  • [AV]adjuster script & [AV]helper object

    These are setup items that allow the default pose positions to be adjusted.

  • AVpos notecard

    AVsitter data needs to be saved in an AVpos notecard. The notecard provided is intentionally empty.

  • Examples [BOX]

    The AVsitter Examples [BOX] contains several example items that demonstrate the use of the system. The imprtance of the examples is often overlooked. Please examine the examples closely to understand how the system can be used for different setups.

  • Utilities [BOX]

    The Utilities [BOX] contains the Utilities.

  • Plugins [BOX]

    The Plugins [BOX] contains scripts that provide special functionality, along with examples. Example items are provided for each script.


There are some basic requirements to use AVsitter:


Basic Prim Setup

The most basic setup is a prim that seats one avatar.

  1. Drop the following into an empty prim in your furniture:
    • [AV]sitA + [AV]sitB scripts
    • [AV]adjuster script
    • [AV]helper object
    • AVpos notecard
    • The animation files you plan to use
  2. Sit on your furniture, and the menu will appear (if you lose the menu just touch your furniture again to get the menu back).
  3. Choose [ADJUST] then [HELPER] from the menu, and the [AV]helper stick will rez.
  4. Choose [NEW] from the menu, then choose [POSE] to create a singles pose.
  5. After creating a pose, adjust its position by moving the helper stick with the SL building tools until your avatar is in the correct position. Click [SAVE] for each pose you create before moving on to the next.
  6. When you have finished saving all your poses, click [DUMP] to output your settings into chat.
  7. Copy-paste the [DUMP] result into your AVpos notecard, replacing the contents of the notecard.
  8. If required, you can rez the [HELPER] again and add more poses.
  9. To add poses to other prims in your object, simply repeat the process.

Basic Setup Video

Couples Prim Setup

Setup of a prim for multiple avatars is the same as for Basic Prim Setup, with a few additions:

  1. Your object must have a prim count equal to or greater than the number of avatars you plan on sitting.
  2. You will need to drop one pair of [AV]sit (A+B) scripts into the prim for each avatar you want to sit. i.e. For 2 sitters you'll need 2 pairs of [AV]sit (A+B) scripts.
  3. In the [NEW] menu, choosing [POSE] will create a singles pose and choosing [SYNC] will create a couples pose.

Couples Setup Video

To create a submenu…

  1. In the [NEW] menu, choose [SUBMENU]. This will create a submenu only in the menu of the SITTER you are on.
  2. Navigate to your submenu and then create new [POSE], [SYNC], or [SUBMENU] inside the submenu.


To save a camera position…

  1. In the [NEW] menu, choose [CAMERA] then [SAVE]. This will save your camera view for all sitters in the prim.
  2. To remove all camera settings from the object, choose [CAMERA] then [CLEAR].
  3. Changes to camera settings will take effect the next time you sit.

Chat Commands

The following chat commands can be typed into local chat while the [AV]adjuster and [AV]helper are in the furniture:

  • /5 helper - rezzes the helpers (alternate to using menu).
  • /5 cleanup - deletes the [AV]adjuster & [AV]helper from the prim.
  • /5 <avatar uuid> - moves the helper into the exact position of another avatar. Useful for copying positions from poseballs.
  • /5 targets - briefly shows the SitTargets in hovertext.

Making Corrections

If you do not get things right the first time, you can always make corrections or additions:

  • To change the position of a pose, or to add new poses, you can always select [HELPER] again, position the pose, and [SAVE]. Remember to [DUMP] your settings again and save them to the AVpos notecard after making any changes.
  • If you want to rename or change the order of any menu items you can manually edit the AVpos notecard.
  • To delete a pose, you must manually remove the lines from the the AVpos notecard.
  • As with all building in SL, you should take a backup of your work regularly to avoid losing progress.

Advanced Setup

The [NEW] menu described on this page is a great way to start using AVsitter, however you will have much more control when you learn to edit the notecard manually. After you can follow the tutorials on this page you should then learn the format of the AVpos notecard and learn about the utility scripts. Advanced users can then consider custom scripting or one of the available plugins.

Multiple Setups

It is possible to have any mix of singles & couples setups in different prims of the same furniture, however you must follow the instructions given in the SitTargets section.

Setups for 3+ Avatars

Setups in one prim for 3+ avatars is the same as for couples setup but needs to include more pairs of [AV]sit (A+B) scripts. The [NEW] menu will allow you to add a SYNC pose for multiple SITTERs but you should also learn to add/edit poses manually in the notecard.

Animation Sequences

AVsitter provides two ways to do sequences: the AVsequence™ script and the “built-in” sequence method. Read about both and use the method most appropriate for your situation.

Sounds and Songs

Playing sound files is achieved with the AVsequence™ script (includes playing a single sound with a pose, or a complete song).