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The following optional scripts are found in the AVsitter [BOX] or Utilities [BOX]:

[AV]root script

If your object does not include a SITTER inside the root prim then you can drop this script into the root prim. This will allow sitting avatars to touch anywhere on the furniture to get the menu, instead of having to touch the prim containing the AVsit scripts.

[AV]root-security script

If you wish to include a security function, place this script in the root prim of your object. The security level can then be changed by the owner in the [ADJUST] menu, with separate options for both “Sit” and “Menu” access. Options are ALL, OWNER or GROUP.

[AV]select script

If you have a setup with more than one SITTER then you may prefer to offer a menu of the different seats instead of having the usual [SWAP] ability which just moves an avatar to the next seat.

  • Simply place the [AV]select script in the prim that contains your SITTERs. [SWAP] is now removed and a [BACK] button is added to the top level of the pose menu. When an avatar chooses this [BACK] button they are taken to a menu of the sitters defined in the notecard.
  • When the SITTER has only one pose, then the pose name will be used as the button for the sitting location. When the SITTER has multiple poses the [AV]select menu name for a sitting location will be “Sitter 0”, “Sitter 1”, etc. To set your own name for a sitting location, add it to the end of the SITTER line in the AVpos notecard as described in the Notecard Commands section:

    SITTER 0 Female
  • If a singles POSE is playing, [AV]select will show a disabled symbol (ø) in the menu if a seat is occupied by another avatar. When a couples SYNC pose is playing, [AV]select will allow swapping with an occupied seat. You can switch off the disabled symbol to always allow swapping by including SELECT 1 in your AVpos notecard.

AVhipfix animation

Some animations in SL are not properly designed for furniture, made especially clear when there is no “Hip-Joint” rotation in the animation. In this case the animation will adopt the hip rotation of whichever animation was played last, causing unreliable rotation. If you are experiencing this problem with an animation, you can drop the AVhipfix animation into your setup. AVsitter will automatically recognize this animation and apply a neutral rotation to the “Hip-Joint”.

After adding AVhipfix you should re-adjust and [SAVE] the positions of all affected poses so that they are positioned correctly. This is because the original saved position may have been based on the broken “Hip-Joint”. If this fixes the issue then we know it was due to a missing “Hip-Joint” rotation in the animation file.

AVpos-generator script

When placed into a prim this script will output text for a basic notecard listing all the animations contained in the prim, saving the need to manually type animation names. This is not normally used but if you are using a large number of poses this may be more efficient than adding one pose at a time via AVsitter’s menu-making system or manual notecard entry.

AVpos-shifter script

A helpful utility for shifting all positions & rotations in an AVpos notecard by a given amount (e.g. moving all poses 1m to the left) or for moving a setup to a child prim while keeping the positions the same. Also alters positions of props. Full instructions are given when this script is dropped into a prim.

Anim-perm-checker script

Most animation vendors in SL require that you set permissions to either NO-COPY or NO-TRANSFER for NEXT_OWNER. Drop this script into a prim and it will give a warning in chat for any animations that are set to COPY-TRANSFER.

Missing-anim-finder script

Drop this script into a prim and it will read through your AVpos notecard and give a warning in chat for any animations that are either missing or not used in the notecard. Also gives the option to delete any animations that are not used.

MLP-converter script

When placed inside a prim that contains an MLP setup, this script will read through all notecards in the prim that start with .MENUITEMS or .POSITIONS (the standard names for MLP notecards) and generate text in chat. The text can then be pasted into an AVpos notecard. Only MLP’s POSE lines will be converted, so you must manually add your MENU & TOMENU lines by editing the notecard. Props and facial expressions are not converted by this script.

Follow this step by step guide for more details: MLP-converter step-by-step guide