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Getting help with using AVsitter

If you need advice with using AVsitter, we suggest:

Reporting code & documentation bugs

Marketplace enquiries

If you have a Marketplace or purchase related enquiry please contact AVsitter Resident with a full description. Messages will be checked every 3-4 days, so please be patient awaiting a response.

Development/Support Team

The current Development/Support Team consists of the following members:

Inworld Group Support:

Second Life Release Tester:

  • (wanted)

OpenSim Release Tester:

  • (wanted)

Code Developers:

  • Sei Lisa (Lead Developer / Project Maintainer)
  • (wanted)

Documentation Maintainer:

Project Management:

Marketplace Enquiries:

Joining the Team?

  • If you are making significant ongoing contributions to the AVsitter ecosystem you may contact Sei Lisa and request you be considered for addition to the team.

  • Distributions received from the sale of the official packaged AVsitter are shared with the project team (adjusted periodically by Project Management based on recent/ongoing activity).

  • For code/documentation contributions please follow the contributor guidelines.