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[AV]camera script

The [AV]camera script allows creators to set the camera position for each pose.

Please note AVsitter also has a built-in camera setting that can set the camera prim property. Only use the [AV]camera script if you need different camera settings for different poses, or want to set different camera positions chosen by menu button.

Adding Camera Settings

To add camera settings to your furniture, start with the normal setup procedure, then:

  • Ensure the [AV]helper and [AV]adjuster are in the prim.
  • Drop an [AV]camera script into the prim for each sitter. If your furniture is for 2 avatars you’ll need 2 x [AV]camera scripts.
  • Sit on the furniture, then choose a pose from the menu that you want to add a camera setting to.
  • Choose [ADJUST] then [HELPER] from the menu, and the [AV]helper stick will rez.
  • Choose [NEW] from the menu, then choose [CAMERA] and select [SAVE].
  • Repeat for each pose you want to give a camera setting.
  • When you have finished adding all your camera settings, click [DUMP] to output your settings into chat.
  • Copy-paste the [DUMP] result into your AVpos notecard, replacing the contents of the notecard.

Notecard Commands

You can edit the notecard to add/remove camera settings.

The format for the notecard is:

CAMERA <trigger_name>|<camera_position>|<camera_rotation>

<trigger_name> must match the menu name of the pose that you want to trigger the camera setting.

<camera_position> & <camera_rotation> are relative to the prim.


CAMERA Sit1|<-0.02579, -2.34928, 1.61621>|<-0.00772, -1.49104, 1.10328>

You can set a camera setting to be the default for all poses by renaming its <trigger_name> to DEFAULT (uppercase).


CAMERA DEFAULT|<-0.02579, -2.34928, 1.61621>|<-0.00772, -1.49104, 1.10328>

Example Notecard


POSE Sit1|animation1
POSE Sit2|animation2

SYNC Couples1|fm-close
SYNC Couples2|fm-entwine

{Sit1}<-0.602898, -0.421242, 0.912842><0.000000, 0.000000, -90.000000>
{Sit2}<-0.587479, -0.368538, 0.921997><0.000000, 0.000000, -90.000000>
{Couples1}<-0.005249, -0.308144, 0.588623><17.819780, 4.447547, -79.985590>
{Couples2}<0.296906, -0.491043, 0.279114><0.000000, 0.000000, 90.000000>

CAMERA DEFAULT|<-0.09605, -2.75508, 1.23718>|<-0.07217, -1.81931, 0.88538>
CAMERA Sit1|<0.12466, -1.65931, 3.34216>|<0.12805, -1.20604, 2.45079>


POSE Sit1|animation1
POSE Sit2|animation2

SYNC Couples1|ml-close
SYNC Couples2|ml-entwine

{Sit1}<0.583901, -0.419540, 0.944092><0.000000, 0.000000, -90.000000>
{Sit2}<0.531426, -0.368042, 0.924500><0.000000, 0.000000, -90.000000>
{Couples1}<0.066849, -0.461144, 0.367737><17.819780, 4.447547, -79.985590>
{Couples2}<0.158402, -0.460144, 0.355591><0.000000, 0.000000, 90.053870>

CAMERA DEFAULT|<-0.09605, -2.75508, 1.23718>|<-0.07217, -1.81931, 0.88538>
CAMERA Sit2|<0.12466, -1.65931, 3.34216>|<0.12805, -1.20604, 2.45079>