The AVsitter scripts have now been released to the community as an open-source project. For up-to-date instructions and the latest scripts and development news, please visit

The AVsitter scripts (and plugins) have been released under the MPL 2.0 license.

The move to open-source allows users to continue development of AVsitter: to adapt it to their needs, use it in teaching/education, to keep pace with upcoming Second Life features, and to use it in Opensim.

Existing users of AVsitter can obtain the open-source AVsitter2 via our inworld update system. There is no need to update existing furniture, as any AVsitter scripts you may already have will continue to work as usual.

Getting help with using AVsitter

If you need advice with AVsitter, we suggest:

Continuation of services

For the forseeable future, we plan to maintain the following support services:

Future of development

Follow the news page for information about future development.

Purchase enquiries

If you have a Marketplace or purchase related enquiry please contact AVsitter Resident with a full description. Messages will be checked every 3-4 days, so please be patient awaiting a response.

Thanks to everyone

A huge thanks to everyone who helped shape AVsitter over 7 years of wonderful (and weird) creations <3 Please do check this page again for any updates to this announcement, in case we have forgotten anything.

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