Atom is a free text editor that is a favorite tool of many writers because it is free. This page provides some tips for using Atom.
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If you haven’t downloaded Atom, download and install it. Use this as your editor when working with Jekyll. The syntax highlighting is probably the best among the available editors, as it was designed with Jekyll-authoring in mind. However, if you prefer Sublime Text, WebStorm, or some other editor, you can also use that.

Customize the invisibles and tab spacing in Atom:

  1. Go to Atom > Preferences.
  2. On the Settings tab, keep the default options but also select the following:
    • Show Invisibles
    • Soft Wrap
    • For the Tab Length, type 4.
    • For the Tab Type, select soft.

Turn off auto-complete:

  1. Go to Atom > Preferences.
  2. Click the Packages tab.
  3. Search for autocomplete-plus.
  4. Disable the autocomplete package.

Atom Shortcuts

  • Cmd + T: Find file
  • Cmd + Shift + F: Find across project
  • Cmd + Alt + S: Save all

(For Windows, replace “Cmd” with “Ctrl”.)