You can choose between two different themes (one green, the other blue) for your projects. The theme CSS is stored in the CSS folder and configured in the configuration file for each project.
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Theme options

You can choose a green or blue theme, or you can create your own. In the css folder, there are two theme files: theme-blue.css and theme-green.css. These files have the most common CSS elements extracted in their own CSS file. Just change the hex colors to the ones you want.

In the _includes/head.html file, specify the theme file you want the output to use — for example, theme_file: theme-green.css. See this line:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/theme-green.css" />

Theme differences

The differences between the themes is fairly minimal. The main navigation bar, sidebar, buttons, and heading colors change color. That’s about it.

In a more sophisticated theming approach, you could use Sass files to generate rules based on options set in a data file, but I kept things simple here.

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