You can add a button to your pages that allows people to add comments.
Edit me

About the review process

If you’re using the doc as code approach, you might also consider using the same techniques for reviewing the doc as people use in reviewing code. This approach will involve using Github to edit the files.

There’s an Edit me button on each page on this theme. This button allows collaborators to edit the content on Github.

Here’s the code for that button on the page.html layout:

{% if site.github_editme_path %}

<a target="_blank" href="{{site.github_editme_path}}/{{page.folder}}{{page.url | append: ".md"}}{% endif %}" class="btn btn-default githubEditButton" role="button"><i class="fa fa-github fa-lg"></i> Edit me</a>

{% endif %}

In your configuration file, edit the value for github_editme_path. For example, you might create a branch called “reviews” on your Github repo. Then you would add something like this in your configuration file for the ‘github_editme_path’: tomjohnson1492/documentation-theme-jekyll/edit/reviews. Here “tomjohnson1492” is my github account name. The repo name is “documentation-theme-jekyll”. The “reviews” name is the branch.

To suppress this button, comment out the github_editme_path in the _config.yml file.

Add reviewers as collaborators

If you want people to collaborate on your project so that their edits get committed to a branch on your project, you need to add them as collaborators. For your Github repo, click Settings and add the collaborators on the Collaborators tab using their Github usernames.

If you don’t want to allow anyone to commit to your Github branch, don’t add the reviewers as collaborators. When someone makes an edit, Github will fork the theme. The person’s edit then will appear as a pull request to your repo. You can then choose to merge the change indicated in the pull or not.


Users will make edits in your “reviews” branch (or whatever you want to call it). You can then commit those edits as you make updates.

When you’re finished making all updates in the branch, you can merge the branch into the master.

Note that if you’re making updates online, those updates will be out of sync with any local edits. is an overlay on Github that would allow people to make comments in an easier interface. If you simply go to, it asks to authorize your Github account, and so it will read files directly from Github but in the interface.

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